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Basic policies in 2005
Establish an operation system centered around interest Fix the production technology in close connection with the change of markets Promote business activities centered around customers
Basic policies in 2006
Expand sales, develop new products to increases earnings rate
Attach importance to qualities, change the concept to increase qualified rate
Reinforce control, put an end to waste to increase productivity
Rigidly enforce the management, build a secure and environmentally friendly environment
Basic policies in 2007
Expand sales, develop new customers to increase profit
Improve efficiency, advocate the labor-saving policy to reduce the number of redundant personnel
Attach importance to qualities, avoid defective goods to satisfy the customers
Take full use of assets, increase operation efficiency to be favorable for competition
Ensure safety, care for environment to seek harmony
Basic policies in 2008 Develop new innovative activities of management and production to ensure profit
Develop activities for expanding markets and products to seek development
Develop non-defective-products activities to increase production output
Develop energy-saving and ejection-decreasing activities to reduce cost
Develop activities of environmental protection and safe production to achieve harmony
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