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     Nanjing Jinning Sanhuan FDK Co., Ltd(abbr.: JSF) is a Chinese-foreign joint venture invested and founded by Nanjing Jinning Electronics Group Co. , Ltd.(36.0%) , FDK Corporation of Japan (33.4%) and Beijing Zhongke Sanhuan Hi-tech Co., Ltd.(30.6%). Total investment volume of the company is 576.88 million Yuan(RMB) including a registered capital of 325.944 million Yuan(RMB). Its registered place is located at 9# Xingjian Road, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone .
    Formied by strong union among enterprises, the company has completely embodied its advantages of technology, management, markets, resources and etc. Its soft ferrite products cover three major classes of Mg-Zn , Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn. It is a production base with the most complete range and variety in producing soft ferrite products in China and has a complete system ranging from product development to mass production. In 2006, the company further expanded its business to CD field, mainly producing LCD monitors as well as inverter transformers and wire wound chip inductors in backlight units used in TV sets, which will expand markets for corporate development.
      Located at 9# Xingjiang Road, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, the corporate headquarters has two subsidiary factories, i.e. one is Xingang factory located at corporate headquarters; the other is Anhuai factory located at 101# Anhuaicun, Nanjing. Besides, it has two enterprises for foreign investment, i.e. one is Yancheng Jinning Sanhuan Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. located at 96# North Tongyu Road, Funing county,Yancheng and Jiangsu Funing Jinning Sanhuan Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. located at Huayuan Road , Economic and Technological Development Zone ,Funing county, Yancheng
      Having inherited well-founded technology and human resources of multi-levels in soft ferrite field from FDK Corporation of Japan and Jinning Group Corporation , relying on abundant funds of Zhongke Sanhuan Corporation, integrating brand-name advantages of high values of investors in a joint venture, using management models of modern enterprise system as well as resorting to the leading production equipment and methods , JSF company concentrates their efforts on the research, development and production of high-performance soft ferrite materials, components and parts to satisfy the more and stricter demands for magnetic materials in the highly information-based human society of the 21st century.
     Taking the development of magnetic material industry of China as its responsibility, the market as its orientation, innovation as its motive power, excellent technology as its foundation and reliable qualities as its assurance, JSF offers top-grade products and services in satisfying different demands of internal and external patrons and does its best to promote the development of electronic information industry and magnetic material industry of China.
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